Amplification is the ability to amplify the abilities of other beings, whether Descendant, innate or attributed.

Amplification is often a balanced ability, where its users must equilibrate between their amplification strength and the spectrum breadth of abilities with which they can amplify. Most amplification abilities operate across a broad spectrum, though they tend to only slightly amplify the abilities of those around them. Contrarily, some amplifiers decide to specialise in the amplification of specific abilities, allowing them to pour more of their strength into the amplification.

Limitations Edit

As with any other ability, amplifiers are limited by the extent of their focus and concentration. Other limitations include:

  • The spectrum breadth over which their amplification is successful
  • The number of abilities amplified at any one point
  • The type of abilities amplified
  • The range over which their amplification occurs

Application Examples Edit

  • Tactile Amplification - the ability to amplify the ability of another through physical contact
  • Augmentation - the ability to change how an ability operates, usually modifying its effects

David Laughlin Edit

"Power the likes of which I have never seen before" - Savannah, High Guardian
David Laughlin is the most notable amplifier to date, being able to completely augment the abilities of all those around him, to the point where a simple wisp of flame could be instantly transformed into a superheated pyroclasm of fire requiring no additional power by the one who created the flame in the first place.

Unhindered by the number of abilities he could augment at any one point, David was also well-known to be able to change the effects of enemy abilities, effectively using his ability in reverse to completely nullify enemy incoming abilities.

However, David has yet been unable to affect any abilities of a cosmic nature, being limited largely to psychic, elemental and magical abilities, though he has shown capability with some physical abilities including superhuman strength and speed.

History Edit

David manifested his ability at the young age of 14, when he unintentionally augmented the telepathy of his friend, who was using his own ability to locate another person.