Adept in the arts of stealth and deception, Assassins excel in striking at the most critical points from hidden shadows. Trained precisely in the knowledge of all critical points of the body, all Assassins are close-ranged damage dealers, utilising speed, precision and silence to make their mark deep within the hearts of their foes.

The Assassin crest is a hooded face, framed by two scythes on either side, and dagger hilt-up peering behind.

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Rogue Edit

Rogues are the quintessential assassins; simple yet intent on the sole motivation to fell their targets in a single blow. While any Rogue may possess any number of stealth weapons, no Rogue has ever been seen without their trusted daggers. Silent and deadly, these shadow stalkers prey upon even the largest of targets; for no creature is without its weaker points.

  • Mercenary - specialises in fulfilling paid contracts to short-term employers

Scout Edit

Scouts are as is their namesake, training diligently in the laying of traps and poisons. Apt in the art of intelligence, Scouts are the lookouts of the Academy, laying the ground of unexplored territory and hounding out any secrets of the densest forests to even the smallest glacial crevasses. When not tracking out the lay of the land, some Scouts are also particularly skilled in serums and other toxins, making them brilliant interrogators.

  • Tracker - specialises in open-field tracking and forward scouting
  • Toxicologist - specialises in advanced serum-making and poisons

Shade Edit

Gifted in the more supernatural elements, Shades rely more on their innate abilities to appear and disappear at will, instilling fear into the hearts of their foes before striking from the shadows. Shades relish on piercing through the walls of even the most hardened hearts, and engaging their victims in a dance of blades and terror. Utilising their abilities more than their blades, Shades truly thrive in the darkness, leaving their targets frozen in fear before lashing out a single fatal blow.

  • Reaver - specialises in advanced fear tactics, materialisation and emotional manipulation

Slayer Edit

Slayers are the magic Assassins, employing magic or runes abundantly in their bladed arts. Slicing through their foes with their magically augmented blades, Slayers are capable of inflicting incinerating burns or unstoppable haemorrhage with a single cut. As is their namesake, Slayers are among the most skilled of Assassins, easily capable of taking down a multitude of foes in a split second, their magic shining above the raucous of any battlefield.

  • Blademage - specialises in magic-infused weaponry
  • Runeblade - specialises in runes and rune-infused weaponry