Conjuration is the ability to conjure objects and matter out of ostensible nothingness.

While the ability seems to be able to bring matter out of nothingness, conjuration actually transforms raw energy in the form of heat, vibration and movement into physical matter by manipulation of that energy. It is an incredibly rare ability, and has only ever been seen by three non-Guardians throughout history.

Contrary to popular belief, conjuration is unable to conjure life out of nothing due to its sheer complexity, though they are able to create inanimate constructs with identical appearance to living matter.

Limitations Edit

As with any other ability, conjuration is particularly limited by the conjurer's extent of focus and concentration. Other limitations include:

  • The object being conjured
  • The number of objects being conjured at any one point

Application Examples Edit

  • Construction - the ability to create constructs of physical matter, with no specific shape nor form