Divination is the ability to gain insight into events past, present and future.

Most diviners, while they are not capable of being able to view such events in their entirety, are capable of gaining small inklings of knowledge concerning a specific point in time. The majority of diviners have to under several occultic or ritualistic processes to use their divining abilities, though some are able to divine at will.

Nevertheless, diviners are never able to gain more than a few scenes and sensory information from their abilities (thus differentiating divination from precognition), and are never truly accurate without the proper context nor additional information required to make a correct hypothesis about their findings.

Limitations Edit

Diviners, being limited by their extent of concentration and focus, are also limited by:

  • The length of their divination across time
  • The period of time from their current place in time
  • The focal point in time being focused upon

Application Examples Edit

  • Oracle - a diviner capable of divining upon specific periods of time at will
  • Prophesying - the ability to divine specifically upon disasters of the past, those currently occurring, and those to come