Elemental magic is a type of magic, which draws upon two separate sources simultaneously: both the Plane of Magic and the Elemental Plane.

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The Source of Magic Edit

Unique to this type of magic alone, elemental magic draws its power and strength from a mixture of energy both from the Plane of Magic and the Elemental Plane to create a single cohesive, but devastating spell. It differs from being classified as an elemental ability, as it requires pure magic to aid in the manipulation of elemental energies, as opposed to direct manipulation of those energies.

  • e.g. An umbrakinetic may manipulate shadows and darkness directly, but an umbramancer uses magic instead to perform such manipulation

As versatile and devastating elemental magic can be when used proficiently, it also becomes incredibly difficult to use, as it requires the proper focus of pure magic to then focus elemental energies, both of which are by nature dangerously volatile. As such, it requires a mastery in pure magic first, before elemental magic is taught to any Descendant, though some tend to prove prodigious in the art.