Illusion is the ability to create powerful illusions and hallucinations in another.

Differing from conjuration, illusions do not involve the creation of any physical constructs. All imagery created when using this ability are entirely abstract in nature, and completely intangible. Nevertheless, these illusions and hallucinations are highly compelling, and if enacted correctly, can render a person unable to differentiate between the illusion and reality.

Limitations Edit

Similar to all other abilities, the strength of the illusions created are limited by the concentration and focus used in creating them. Other limitations include:

  • The number of illusions created at any one point
  • The extent of the illusions created
  • The detail of the illusions created

Application Examples Edit

  • Tactile Illusion - the ability to create illusions in another through tactile contact
  • Infliction - the ability to create the illusion of incredible pain in another