Keleron is a planet, the only to exist in a pocket dimension created by the Guardians in 1388 A.D. as a safe haven for all supernatural creatures that once existed on the planet Earth in the true reality on the Physical Plane.

History Edit

Prior to 1388 A.D., the supernatural and the natural existed upon Earth, not as the supernatural and natural, but as a cohesive ecosystem of species. During this time, dragons roamed the skies, the merpeople in the seas, and the werewolves wandered across the land, in harmony with humanity.

However, as time passed, humanity grew more fearful or the supernatural, and began to either revere them or hunt them down. Eventually, the supernatural began to be hunted simply for glory and trophies, and in some cases, simply due to humanity's growing influence and population, infringing upon the homelands of the other creatures. Eventually, it came to a point where tensions could no longer be ignored, and war broke out.

As the casualties of humankind and these creatures increased, the Academy sought to achieve a solution, and eventually, it was decided that the Guardians would create a world separate from the human planet, identical to Earth, but a haven where the deemed "supernatural" could exist freely, and as their own, away from humanity.

Alongside the Guardians, the Academy gathered as many witches and Capricorns as they could muster, pouring magic, elemental energies and cosmic power alike into the power of the combined Capricorns. Though Keleron's creation required an enormous sacrifice that claimed the lives of over half of the participating Capricorns, what resulted was the creation of a pocket dimension with a single planet, a lone moon, and a single star. These celestial bodies came to be known as the Míare Moon, the Apollorius Sun, and the supernatural haven of Keleron.

The Nature of Keleron Edit

Geography Edit

In terms of atmosphere and natural conditions, Keleron is relatively identical to Earth's, with the exception that the poles are not as cold as Earth's, giving rise to a relatively temperate climate all throughout Keleron. However, Keleron differs geographically, instead possessing four major large continents (being Daedynos, Laetho, Perdiroth, and Martyri) and several small island archipelagos (including, but not limited to, the Karibori, the Jha'ari Isles, the Ironclad Isles, and the Sunreach Cluster).

  • Daedynos - the largest continent of the four, and on a map, situated in the northern and central reaches of Keleron
  • Laetho - the second largest continent, and situated map-wise in the south-eastern reaches of Keleron
  • Perdiroth - the second smallest continent, called the "Unwalked Lands", situated in the far south of Keleron
  • Martyri - the smallest continent, and situated in the west on a map of Keleron
  • The Karibori Islands - an island cluster in the Blue Abyss between Daedynos and Martyri
  • The Ironclad Isles - a small archipelago sitting in the Sea of Swords, between Daedynos and Laetho
  • The Sunreach Cluster - a circle of islands to the far east of Keleron, a day's voyage east of the Ironclad Isles
  • The Jha'ari Isles - an archipelago two days' voyage southeast of Martyri and the southernmost known settlement before Perdiroth
  • Yol-Draka - a single island in the Blue Abyss equidistant from Daedynos and Laetho

Of the four main continents, all but one (Perdiroth) are known to be inhabited.

Language Edit

Throughout Keleron, while many of the supernatural creatures possess their own languages and cultures, there is a common tongue spoken by many across Keleron, unsurprisingly called the "Common Tongue". To any human being, it is a near identical spoken and written language to that of English on Earth, albeit some grammar, meanings and semantics are used differently.

  • The Common Tongue, spoken by all the common folk (i.e. Men)
  • Tessaroth, spoken exclusively by the common folk of Martyri
  • Vroenhart, spoken by all dragons
  • Thían'néan, spoken by the Thuríev
  • Mes'ronin, spoken by the Moroï
  • Im'ladar, spoken by the Seraphim

Magic Edit

Perhaps the largest difference to Earth is that the very nature of Keleron is tied to both magical, elemental and cosmic energies, each woven all throughout the very fabric of Keleron's existence. As a result, magic and "supernatural" energies course through Keleron as if second nature, allowing almost all inhabitants of the planet a degree of supernatural ability, whether through their supernatural existence, the possession of an ability or basic capability in magic itself.

Indeed, as an unintended side effect of its creation, many abilities and magics that would normally be easily cast on Earth follow a set of different rules while in Keleron. For example, teleportation on Earth allows a person to travel from one point in space to another instantaneously; while in Keleron, this ability is rendered near useless as teleportation (as far as is understood) involves the penetration through the fabric of reality to disappear at one location and appear at another.

Inversely, it also greatly amplifies the use of other abilities, particularly magical and elemental abilities. On Earth, magic is near non-existent and requires power drawn from the Plane of Magic, it is often more difficult to cast and use; in contrast, magic on Keleron is far more fluid and easier to wield, being as the very nature of Keleron is sourced from magic.

The Kingdoms of Common Folk Edit

Main article: The Kingdoms of Common Folk
The concept of democracy and a republic is near unheard of in Keleron, with many tending towards perhaps more "traditionally romantic" governments, such as the monarchy in most cases, or more simply, designated homelands for a specific species or group. The Kingdoms of Common Folk are spread across the 3 inhabited continents of Keleron, as well as the majority of Keleron's islands and archipelagos, aside from the Sunreach Cluster, which is inhabited instead by Seraphim.

  • The Kingdom of Althéa
  • The Kingdom of Hadrasc
  • The United Kingdoms of Beltorok and Varida
  • The Kingdom of Saermia
  • The Kingdom of Karibor
  • The City-Kingdom of Anthanar
  • The City-Kingdom of Bellewyn
  • The United Cities, comprising Salwyth, Kessamyr, Thyram & Orsym

There are many more minor Kingdoms across Keleron, and many other lands not part of a Kingdom, but instead belonging to a specific group of beings (such as much of the Black Forests of Daedynos being occupied by the vampire covens).

The Vampire Lands Edit

The lands of Sarifar (ruled by the Five Vampire Elders) are situated around the northern reaches of Daedynos, housing its majority vampire population in the "Black Forests". Sarifar itself is split into 5 different coven territories, each ruled independently by one of the Elder Vampires:

  • The Coven of Markus, based in the central forests of Sarifar, called Valmaryn; it also holds the only Sarifari city, also named Valmaryn
  • The Coven of Nadia, based on Voldarun Isle to the north of Sarifar
  • The Coven of Rebekah, based in the easternmost forests of Sarifar, called Sorenvayl
  • The Coven of Elijah, based in the southernmost forests of Sarifar, called Rathmival, bordering both Althéa and Anthanar
  • The Coven of Matthew, based in the northernmost forests of Sarifar, called Gol'aden

The Forests of the Thuríev Edit

Main article: The Forests of the Thuríev
The Thuríev only ever tend to live in the deep forests scattered across Keleron, particularly in Daedynos and Laetho. While many Thuríev clans exist, some have chosen to settle as an entire culture, and are listed as:

  • The Illuríev (ruled by the Lord and Lady of Green, Urovíel and Arvéna), residing in the Greenhaven, along the east coast of Daedynos
  • The Anasaríev (ruled by the Woven Lord Garaduíl), residing in Solheim Forest, along the northwest coast of Laetho
  • The Ríemíev (ruled by the Lord of Thorns, Sorémil), residing in Caster's Wood, along the southern coast of Laetho
  • The Silmaríev (ruled by the Dusk Lord and Lady, Asethir and Emaëlle), residing in the Summer's Reach, along the southern coast of Martyri
  • The Orweníev (ruled by the Lord of the Broken Crown, Mithíras), residing in the Gorvalin Woods, along the northern coast of Daedynos

The Isle of Dragons Edit

The lone island of Yol-Draka is home to the last few remaining dragons in Keleron, and roughly translates to "Dragon's Fire". It is not governed by any law, and is the only known remaining breeding grounds for the dragons.

The island itself is actually a massive plateau that makes access to Yol-Draka impossible save for by flight, ensuring that the dragons are allowed a refuge from the prying eyes of others.

The Sunreach Cluster Edit

The far-eastern island cluster known to many as the Sunreach Cluster is home to the reclusive Seraphim, who take refuge in the far-flung island ring as the first to receive the dawn in all of Keleron. Few make the long journey to the homelands of the winged angels, but those who have returned always appear to have a glint of light in their eye, and an awe for the magical arts.

  • The only city of the Sunreach Cluster is the grand city of Rayva, described as being a glorious citadel of light and glorious power, teeming with magic and bathed in a dazzling light