Welcome to the Keleron WikiEdit

Ever since I was young, I created and sculpted a world of my own; a supernatural fantasy hidden behind the world we know as reality. Over the years, as I discovered and read about all these other fantasy worlds, mythologies and supernatural myths popular in our world, I began to incorporate them into my imaginary world as well. Instead of having sheets upon sheets of paper describing each aspect of the imaginary world I created, I decided to write them down online. So I'd always have them, somewhere.

Note: None of this is related to an actual game world, nor is canon to any fantasy/world/universe. I simply thought a wikia would be the best way to structure my own imaginary world.

Considering the vastness of the world I created for myself, perhaps the best place to start would be these pages:

  1. Descent
  2. The Guardians
  3. Keleron
  4. The Academy
  5. Manifestation
  6. The Planes of Existence
  7. Descendant Abilities
  8. Supernatural Species and Phenomena
  9. The River of Death