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Named for the constellation of the Scales of Libra, the phenomenon of Libra refers to a human being capable of influencing various levels of reality on the Physical Plane through their emotions. Thus far, all Libras have been born of a Descendant bloodline, beginning with the first ever recorded Libra being that of Annabel Müller of Prussia in 1892 A.D.. Upon her birth, her cries cracked the wall of the hospital room; as she grew, Annabel could grow beautiful groves of flowers around her when elated, yet cause incinerating wildfires when in a rage. The Academy long believed her abilities to be completely individual to Annabel alone, until the discovery of another who possessed the same power.

With multiple Libras being now known to the supernatural world, the Academy named them for the Scales of Libra: constantly balancing emotion and reality.

A Libra's Power Edit

While technically speaking, a Libra's abilities are categorised as an empathetic power, they are acknowledged more so as being a form of reality manipulation, through use of empathy as the "control board" of that manipulation. In the more basic of terms, Libras are capable of changing reality on multiple Planes simply by feeling a specific emotion. For example, Libras experiencing intense rage often cause catastrophic destruction to the area around them with methods ranging from minor earthquakes to howling blizzards.

Almost all Libras manifest their abilities straight from birth, and are often taken in straight away by the Academy for immediate training to avoid destruction and calamity occurring. These Libras are taught to control their emotions at all costs, becoming aloof and incredibly introverted as a result.

Individual Libras Edit

Likewise to every other person, each individual Libra experiences and interprets their emotions differently to all others. Similarly, no two Libras ever cause the same result upon feeling one specific emotion. Recorded examples include an experiment with two Libras made to feel both joy and grief; while the first revived a nearby dying tree when joyous and incinerated it upon feeling grief, the second emanated a bright light when joyous and withered the grassy area around herself when grieved.

As technically speaking anything could result from a Libra's abilities, they have access to any and all known powers to the Academy, though often what occurs from their emotions is beyond the control of the Libras themselves. It is often a case of "feel an emotion and find out what happens" with many Libras, and as such they are often feared for their abilities. Indeed, some Libras have been able to influence the course of events over time; one rare case showed the ability to kill another simply by desiring the death of that person.