Linkage magic is a type of magic, which draws upon the bond between two or more entities.

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The Source of Magic Edit

In all Nymphs, Gemini, and particularly Doppelgängers, these being share a bond with a specific other (i.e. Nymphs with their Fragment, Gemini twins with each other, and Doppelgängers of a single bloodline with each other). In all such cases, a link is present between these entities, comprised of pure energy. This energy can be magically drawn upon, fueling what has been called linkage magic.

Linkage magic persists for as long as the bond being drawn upon also persists. What makes this form of magic unique is that strength of the linkage spell cast is derived from the strength of the bond drawn upon regardless of the caster; all other types of magic instead require the caster to channel a chosen amount of power from their energy.

  • The caster does not need to be part of the bond being drawn upon; they simply need to be in the presence of the bond

While certain emotional bonds such as siblinghood, family, friendships, and love can be drawn upon as well, the resulting linkage magic remains slightly weaker than if drawn from a bond of a supernatural nature.