Combining damage and survivability made for sheer versatility, the Academy's Melees are almost always providing the front line in battle. Strong-willed and defiant, each and every Melee class shines in pure short-ranged combat, manipulating the battle to suit their own needs and those of their allies. Changing the field entirely with the single swing of a blade and hammer, the Melee classes shine above the rest of the battle with battle-roars that strike crippling terror into their foes.

The Melee crest is a broadsword hilt-up, a steel shield behind the blade.

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Barbarian Edit

Barbarians are the ultimate tanks, almost as if unaffected and immune to any incoming damage. Animalistic in nature, and barbaric on the battlefield, Barbarians furiously stampede their way into battle, knocking aside their foes like ants underfoot. The greatest front line in any fight, Barbarians are capable of charging forward, carving a path in enemy lines to make way for their allies trailing behind.

  • Brawler - specialises in fighting multiple enemies in close combat
  • Bulwark - specialises in endurance, frontline battle, and protecting allies

Blademaster Edit

Blademasters are the most versatile of the Melee classes, adept in almost all weapons: axes, pole-arms, hammers, blades and swords alike. These natural-born leaders charge alongside their allies into the fray, expertly cleaving their way through the battlefield with grit and edge. Blademasters are especially skilled in dealing their damage to a wide area, their combination of damage and endurance allowing them to take on entire groups of foes.

  • Champion - specialises in field tactics and proficiency with a single weapon form
  • Duelist - specialises in one-on-one single combat and slight-of-hand weaponry

Deathknight Edit

A dark force encased in armour and skilled in the bladed arts, Deathknights are the shadows of the Melee class. Enveloping their foes in the blackness of death, Deathknights swing their reaping blades among their enemies, poisoning their foes with dark energies that seek to consume them. Powerful with the arts of necromantic magics as well as the blade, Deathknights prove an impending force of terror upon the field.

  • Warlord - specialises in battle command and fear tactics alongside some necromantic magic or umbrakinetic ability

Paladin Edit

Paladins are holy warriors, wielding their cascades of light on the edges of their broadswords and axes. Blinding light combined with an enduring force of will, Paladins fight with a determination that allows them to easily surpass their foes, set aflame by their powers of illumination. Swinging their blades to set asunder their foes, these warriors of light live for the heat of battle.

  • Medic - specialises in healing alongside melee battle
  • Vanguard - specialises in defensive enchantments alongside melee battle