Mental shielding is the ability to create a mental shield capable of fending against the influence of other psychic abilities.

Limitations Edit

As with any other ability, mental shields require the user to maintain focus and concentration throughout their use. Other limitations include:

  • The number or strength of psychic abilities fended against
  • If projected beyond oneself, the range over which the shield persists
  • If projected beyond oneself, the number of those shielded

Application Examples Edit

  • Primary Shielding - the ownership of a passive mental shield that exists only around oneself
  • Secondary Shielding - the ability to generate mental shields external to oneself
  • Shield Projection - the ability to create and project mental shields outward to additionally protect others from mental attack

Orion Mendel Edit

Orion is the best known mental shield in the Academy, particularly for his involvement during the Liberator revolution against Giovanni Rossacino between 1995-1998.

During one such battle between Giovanni Rossacino's followers and the Liberators in 1997, Giovanni had employed several extremely powerful psychics, who would have wreaked havoc upon the Liberators had Orion not intervened. In the midst of the battle, Orion produced a massive mental shield around the entirety of his allied men, successfully negating even the combined efforts of the enemy psychics and ultimately winning the decisive battle.

History Edit

It is unclear when Orion manifested his abilities, but his own personal retelling describes how as a child, he was the subject of his father's alcoholic breakdowns, often taking beatings and mental abuse that caused Orion to shut his mind down in times of need. This ultimately manifested in his ability to shield against mental attack.