Precognition is the ability to foresee into periods of time in the future.

Unlike divination, precognition allows its user to foresee solely into the future. However, instead of simple insights into future events, precognition often provides its user with a complete scene, including all sensory and contextual understanding.

However, seeing as precognition is often incredibly sporadic in nature, it often does not include any foresight into the events leading up to their precognised scene, nor does it provide an approximate time frame as to when that scene will occur.

Limitations Edit

Unlike most other abilities, precognition is incredibly sporadic and is almost never used at will, but rather triggered, making it incredibly unreliable. As such, it does not fall under the concentration nor active focus of the precognitor, instead being limited by:

  • The sporadicity of the ability
  • The length of the precognised scene
  • Foreseen images being simply the future should present events continue as they are, and thus being subject to change

Application Examples Edit

  • Triggered Precognition - the ability to foresee into future periods of time when triggered by a present event