Primal magic is a type of magic, which draws upon the innate energy of the Earth itself, known to the common world as including kinetic, potential, and thermal energy among many others.

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The Source of Magic Edit

While most other magic types draw upon a supernatural source, most beings are oblivious to the constant flow of natural energy around them. Whether as sound, heat, and even movement, the entire planet resounds with energy in a continuous flow. To tap into this eternal flow of energy requires vast amounts of patience, and a meditative connection with this energy. Though difficult to achieve, once tapped into, extremely powerful spells can be cast, drawing upon the vast energies of the Earth itself resulting in what is called primal magic.

As this natural energy is in a state of continuous flow and conversion, using primal magic can be incredibly difficult. It requires the ability to focus ever-changing energies all at once and subsequently channel those energies into a cohesive spell. For this reason, most often find it easier to simply use other types of magic, though arguably primal magic remains the secondmost powerful form of magic under pure magic.