Psionics are a broad class of abilities, all of which involve the ability to generate and manipulate psionic energies.

Unlike the majority of psychic abilities which are involved with the mind alone, psionics involve psionic energies, which are capable of being physically touched and felt, but are controlled by the mind alone.

Limitations Edit

As with any other ability, psionics are especially prone to the extent of their focus and concentration in controlling such energies that are sourced directly from the power of the mind. Other limitations naturally include:

  • The amount of psionic energy used at any one point
  • The integrity of the psionic constructs generated
  • The length for which psionic constructs are maintained

Application Examples Edit

  • Psionic Fields - the ability to generate psionic force fields capable of withstanding physical and mental attack
  • Psionic Locks - the ability to create psionic protection locks on a person, protecting their minds from the effects of other psychic abilities
  • Psionic Singularities - the ability to concentrate psionic energies into a focal point, capable of detonation upon command