Pure magic is a type of magic, which draws upon the Plane of Magic itself. It is accessible by all those with an innate affinity for magic, and is the most common type of magic amongst all witches and Descendants alike.

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The Source of Magic Edit

The Plane of Magic is essentially the primary source for all magic, providing a limitless and infinite well of pure, unrelenting energy. Easy to access and utilise, any spell or incantation that draws upon the power of the Fourth Plane is known as pure magic.

As pure magic draws upon the vast immensity of the Plane of Magic, its wielding tends to require far more training to become completely proficient than in other forms of magic, though it is easier to begin learning. Unlike other forms of magic (which tend to have a limitless energy source), pure magic must be controlled properly. Its caster must be able to draw upon sufficient amounts of magic from the Fourth Plane, without drawing upon so much so as to overwhelm the caster, often to catastrophic results.

The largest benefit of pure magic remains in its sheer diversity and accessibility no matter the circumstance, which many other magical forms cannot provide, as they are often limited in one way, shape or form.