The smallest class type within the Academy, the Ranged classes fire death and destruction from afar: bullets, arrows and bolts alike. Trained to keep moving and maintaining their distance, each of the Ranged classes are taught to be deadly accurate in their aim, bringing death to their victims in one swift whisper flying true through the wind.

The Ranged crest is a strung bow, its arrow pointing upward; twin wrist-mounted blades border both limbs of the blow.

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Hunter Edit

Hunters are the guards of the Ranged classes and armed with a myriad of shorter ranged weapons, Hunters deal their damage at a far closer range than the other Ranged classes. Skilled in espionage and intelligence, Hunters use their abilities to gain the upper hand against their opponents through deception and black games enacted deep within enemy territories..

  • Saboteur - specialises in advanced espionage and operating behind enemy lines

Marksman Edit

The gunmen of the Academy, Marksmen are equipped with arsenal upon arsenal of guns and other firearms. Gifted with an incredible aim from afar, snipes and bullet barrages take their opponents down from great distances, burning through even the staunchest of foes and riddling their rivals with bullet upon bullet.

  • Artillery - specialises in missiles, munition, and rockets
  • Heavy Weapons - specialises in heavy bombardment, pyrotechnics and explosives
  • Sniper - specialises in long range, critical single-shot weaponry

Ranger Edit

Rangers are the true archers of the Academy; with bow and arrow in hand, they whittle down their opponents with deadly precision. Equipped with trick arrows simply to name a few among their arsenal, Rangers are fully capable of decimating an entire battalion from on high, whether engulfing them in a catastrophic flame shot or a glacial barrage.

  • Skirmisher - specialises in swift guerilla tactics and precision planning