Reality manipulation is the ability to manipulate reality on one or more of the Planes, usually the Physical and Emotional.

Unlike most other abilities, reality manipulation is not ever consciously nor actively used. Either the manipulation of reality occurs through specific triggers (such as emotion or desire for a specific result), or very slowly over long time periods of up to several months.

Alongside reality manipulators being incredibly rare, with only a few manifesting such abilities within the space of a century, most are also completely unaware of their abilities. This arises from reality manipulators only capable of shifting the nature of reality at incredibly slow rates, often only leading to a desired result over the space of several days or even months.

Other reality manipulators on the other hands, as is the case with Libras, are capable of shifting reality on a monumental scale, and at vast speeds that render their abilities cataclysmic even at best.

Limitations Edit

As reality manipulation does not require active/conscious use, it is not limited by concentration nor focus as many other abilities are. Instead, it is limited by:

  • The speed at which they manipulate reality
  • The extent to which they manipulate reality
  • The range over which their abilities may take effect

Application Examples Edit

  • Triggered Manipulation - the ability to manipulate reality as a result of an emotional or circumstantial trigger
  • Desired Manipulation - the ability to manipulate reality simply by desiring an outcome (though this takes prolonged periods of time)