The Eighth Gate of Death separates the Seventh and the final Eighth Precinct. The Eighth Spirit of Death is Artavan, called the "Weeper", circling high above the Eighth Precinct. Artavan does not guard his respective Gate as is the case with the other Spirits of Death. Instead, he passively watches over them, mourning the final step of the dead as they pass into either the Astral Plane for their final resting, or utter oblivion in the Void.

The Gate itself is a beacon of light that shines in the darkness of the Seventh Precinct to reveal the starlit Eighth.

The other Eight Gates are as follows:

Passage through the Gate Edit

At this Eighth Gate, all souls, Dead and those not truly dead alike need only pass through the light into the Eighth Precinct, without requirement nor need for magic.

However, upon passing into the Eighth Gate, all beings are rendered without power nor ability, stripping their soul down to its very core. They are made completely and truly powerless for as long as they remain within the Eighth Precinct, with any exceptions granted by Artavan himself.

A Deathringer's Power Edit

Those who wield a Deathringer's power can sound the tone of Artavan. All souls and Dead who hear the lone grieving tone of Artavan (including the Deathringer responsible for the tone) are instantly thrown into the River of Death. The purer and stronger the tone, the further into the River. If sounded within the River itself, the tone instantly hurls all within proximity into the Eighth Precinct.

  • As the Eighth Precinct strips all of any power, a Deathringer has no use of magic nor ability within its boundary. Artavan himself is not affected by any of the Seven Death Tones, including his own; and unlike all other Spirits of Death, will not try to stop those attempting to escape the Eighth Precinct

The Eighth Precinct Edit

The Eighth Precinct is completely devoid of current and movement, and the River ankle-deep. Unlike all other Precincts, the Eighth Precincts is not covered by the shroud of death and the environment completely clear, softly lit by the stars that make up the sky above the Precinct.