The Fifth Gate of Death separates the Fourth and Fifth Precincts, guarded over eternally by Khovat, called the "Speaker". He prowls across the Gate's edge, resounding his protection for all souls as they plunge into the Fifth Precinct.

The Gate itself is a ceaseless whirpool, halted only by the word of Khovat or the magic of the Deathringers.

The other Eight Gates are as follows:

Passage through the Gate Edit

Under the shackles of death, the truly dead pass unharmed into the whirlpool, flowing seemingly downward into the Fifth Precinct.

To pass through the Gate, a Deathringer must cast a Death spell to freeze the whirlpool. In the small time given by the spell, the Deathringer must then proceed upwards or downwards through the Gate.

If too close to the whirlpool without having enacted the correct spell, a Deathringer may be pulled under and into the Gate. By Khovat's power, the Deathringer becomes unable to make any sounds whatsoever and becomes largely powerless (as much Death magic requires sound to work). This can only be reversed by Khovat himself or by the sounding of his tone by another Deathringer.

  • As the Fourth Precinct behind the Gate constantly churns forth tidal waves, the spell to freeze the Fifth Gate must be done swiftly while running through the Fourth Precinct to avoid being capsized by the River

A Deathringer's Power Edit

Those who wield the Deathringer's power can sound the tone of Khovat. All souls and Dead who hear the melodious singing of Khovat are given the ability to speak, or rendered completely mute depending on the intention of its use.

  • Should Khovat himself hear the sound of his own tone, or the tone of Belisar, he is temporarily incapacitated; the duration is based upon the purity and strength of the tone(s) sounded. Hearing the tone of Orineth obliges Khovat to allow a single soul passing under his care to answer a Deathringer, though it is his decision whether to fulfill the obligation or not

The Fifth Precinct Edit

In direct contrast to the Fourth Precinct, the Fifth Precinct is completely silent, though the River runs halfway up the shins at the same speed, ice-cold to the touch.