The Fourth Gate of Death is the Gate lying between the Third and Fourth Precincts. It is watched over by Elkaroth, called the "Walker", unseen and silent as he flows effortlessly among the giant waves that churn through the Fourth Precinct.

The Gate itself is a wall of pure Death energy that pulses inward to the Fourth Precinct, incinerating those not truly dead in an instant, hurling them further into the River.

The other Eight Gates are as follows:

Passage through the Gate Edit

Similar to the Third Gate, those under the shackles of death pass harmlessly through the wall of energy.

To pass through the Gate, a Deathringer must apply a Death spell to themselves, making themselves immune to the otherwise incinerating effects of the Fourth Gate.

Done incorrectly, walking through the Fourth Gate sends the Deathringer reeling further into the River, and inflicting a painful burning sensation until removed by another Death spell.

A Deathringer's Power Edit

Those who wield a Deathringer's power can sound the tone of Elkaroth. All souls and Dead who hear the bright echoing of Elkaroth are granted movement beyond following the River's path, or inversely stripped of all movement entirely, provided they have already been awoken from their slumber by the tone of Varanis.

  • Should Elkaroth himself hear the sound of his own tone, or the tone of Belisar, he is temporarily incapacitated, and the tone of Orineth will freeze him in place; the duration based upon the purity and strength of the tone(s) sounded

The Fourth Precinct Edit

The Fourth Precinct is known to be the most dangerous among the Deathringers, flowing much faster than previous Precincts. With each pulse of energy from the Fourth Gate, massive waves of tidal proportions threaten to smash its cargo straight into the Fifth Gate. For this reason, Deathringers must cast a combination of Death spells to traverse the Precinct, simultaneously freezing the waves and creating a passage through the entire Precinct between Gates.