The Second Gate of Death is the Gate lying between the First and Second Precincts. It is guarded by Belisar, called the "Sleeper", who glides effortlessly across the Second Gate constantly, watching over all who pass under his guard.

The Gate itself is a diminutive waterfall, where the River flows gently from the First Precinct down a half-metre drop into the Second Precinct.

The other Eight Gates are as follows:

Passage through the Gate Edit

Those passing through the Gate as truly dead souls gently glide down the Second Gate, passing into the Second Precinct silently.

To pass the Gate when not shackled by death, a Deathringer must step down the edge of the waterfall before being overwhelmed by the sudden sleep that Belisar casts. They must then continue far enough into the Second Precinct to eventually escape Belisar's reach.

Should they give in to Belisar's power, a Deathringer falls under the same slumber as all other dead souls that travel down the River, becoming shackled by death. If not awakened by another Deathringer, they succumb eventually to death itself as they are carried to the Ninth Gate.

A Deathringer's Power Edit

Those who wield a Deathringer's power can sound the tone of Belisar. All souls and Dead who hear the high-pitched, smooth twinkling of Belisar are instantly put to sleep and shackled by death. If incorrectly sounded, the Deathringer responsible is instead put to sleep, only awakened by Belisar himself, or by another Deathringer sounding the tone of Varanis, the Waker.

  • Should Belisar himself hear his own tone, he himself is temporarily incapacitated, the duration based upon the purity and strength of the tone

The Second Precinct Edit

The Second Precinct is very similar to the First, being silent and ankle-deep, though a slightly faster current can now be felt.