The Third Gate of Death is the Gate that borders between the Second and Third Precincts. Guarded by Varanis, called the "Waker", the Third Gate churns quickly as Varanis maintains eternal watch over the souls who pass through his guard.

The Gate itself is a wall of endlessly falling water, quick to wash those not under the shackles of death straight to the realm of death itself.

The other Eight Gates are as follows:

Passage through the Gate Edit

Under the shackles of death, truly dead souls pass unaffected by the churning waterfall that pours down into River from an eternal source.

To pass through the Gate unshackled by death, a Deathringer must cast a simple Death spell to part the waterfall, creating an arch through which they may walk through.

Should they fail to create a safe passageway, the waterfall instantly freezes in time, becoming somewhat solid to the conscious touch and rendering passage impossible except to the truly dead. The water is only unfrozen by another Death spell, or by Varanis himself.

A Deathringer's Power Edit

Those who wield a Deathringer's power can sound the tone of Varanis. All souls and Dead who hear the rough chiming of Varanis are instantly awoken to consciousness, freed from the shackles of death and awakened from their slumber. Varanis' tone is often used in conjuction with the tone of Orineth, the Binder, to grant command over the otherwise aimless souls; or with the tone of Dymani, the Thinker, to give these souls autonomy again.

  • Should Varanis himself hear the sound of his own tone, or the tone of Belisar, he is temporarily incapacitated, and the tone of Orineth will instantly freeze him in place; the duration based upon the purity and strength of the tone(s) sounded

The Third Precinct Edit

Within the Third Precinct, the Rivers flows a little faster relative to the previous Precincts, with small waves beginning to form across the entire Precinct, though not so large as to be of any significant notice.