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In circa. 1112 A.D., an illegitimate son to Robert Cuthrose and grandson of William the Conqueror, also named William, had traveled to Palestine and become Lord of Tortosa. While history records William as having died without a heir, unbeknownst to history, he fathered eight children in total: four with his first wife, three with his second, and one with his third wife. All three of his wives had died eventually from disease or childbirth, as well as two of his children, one of which was his lastborn daughter at the young age of 9, whom William had loved dearly.

To protect his remaining family and a powerful warlock member of what would become the Bennett witch family, he sought the aid of the Guardians. When the Guardians refused to help a single individual above the masses, William resorted to abusing his own powerful magical abilities and infused his magic with dark magics. Imbuing the essence of his now corrupted life force within his blood, he demanded each of his remaining children to drink a cup of his own now tainted blood. In doing so, William's corrupted blood created an unnatural tether between each child's soul to their newly immortal bodies, before each was slain by William's own hand. They soon reawakened as vampires in transition, their instant thirst for blood causing them to turn upon their father, killing him and feeding on his blood: thus the first vampires in existence were born, proclaiming themselves as the Elders of their race.